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Refurbished Lenovo Laptops Liverpool

Are you looking for a new Lenovo laptop? If so then you should also seriously consider a refurbished machine. You can get the same specification as a brand new machine for a lot less money. This then becomes an ideal purchase for students or the self-employed. If you’re budget isn’t massive but your demand is then repaired computers are something for you.

Laptops that have been renovated are not just cleaned up and sold. They go through a rigorous process to ensure that everything is working how it should. Every system is put through it’s paces in a stress test to highlight any hardware faults. The hard drives are cleaned thoroughly, the computer then goes through a full clean inside and out. Last but not least, a brand new version of windows is loaded on to ensure clean operating system and a fast computer.

What Brands do We Stock?

We stock a massive range of brands. However, one of our most popular sellers in Lenovo. As you will see we have a few different variations of refurbished Lenovo laptops. From regular ThinkPads up to the impressive Lenovo Yoga that switches from a laptop to a dynamic tablet.

Every laptop that we sell includes free Bullguard Anti Virus and a fresh, licensed version of Microsoft Windows 10, or Apple iOS if you’ve bought a Mac. On top of that you also get a warranty. This means your machine and it’s parts are guaranteed and should any breakdowns occur, then we will put them right for you.