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Refurbished Business Computers

Most, if not all, businesses require a computer of some kind to help them run effectively. Many companies require it to book people in, create websites, track orders or even for accounts. Either way, there is only a very small amount of businesses that can run without some kind of I.T equipment. That makes a competitive market with plenty of products to choose from. As a local business owner you must then struggle to pick a business computer and know that it’s exactly what you need.

What Computer Do You Need?

Well that all depends on what software that you’re looking to run. If you just need Microsoft Office for Word, Excel and emails then you could probably survive with any of the systems on our website. However, more complex programmes such as Auto Cad, Photoshop and Movie Maker programmes, often require so much more powerful systems.

Don’t leave any of that information to chance, if you’re worried about buying in the dark then don’t. Our friendly sales team are available on the phone to take your call and help you pick out exactly what you need so that the computer is perfect for you and your business needs.

If you know what you need and it’s on our site then just buy it. However, there may be the odd occasion where something you require isn’t listed. In that case, again just call us. You never know, our staff may just have something perfect for you.

Why Buy Refurbished Business Computers from Carbon I.T Liverpool?

Many businesses every day choose to buy their equipment from us. We offer free delivery anywhere in the UK, all dispatched from our Liverpool base. On top of that, we offer an extensive warranty with most of our machines coming with a 12 month peace of mind. The exact length of the warranty is confirmed on each item.

It’s not just the warranty that sets us apart. We know a lot of companies sell refurbished computers. However, they’re not as selective as us. You’ll find the images of the actual product you’re purchasing on our website so there is no surprises when your parcel arrives. As part of our product refurbishment process, we only select the best condition computers to sell.

So, no surprises, great quality computers and warranty, we can’t think of a reason not to buy from us.