What’s the Difference Between an i5 and i7 Processor?

The Short Answer 2 The Slightly Longer Answer i5 processors are cheaper than i7 processors. The Longer Answer A processor is the most important part of any computer, whether desktop, laptop or smartphone. A Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the heart of any computer and without one you'd be looking at a blank screen and [...]

What is RAM & Why Is It So Important

This is a question we get here at Carbon I.T time after time. Although computers are not new, people still don’t quite understand what RAM is. The only thing most people seem to understand is that they want more of it. Probably like a fine wine, you don’t know why it’s fine, how it’s made […]

100+ Apple iMacs Being Prepared for Sale This Week

It’s back to school time, students and parents around the country are looking for new laptops and computers to start the new year with. To help you prepare for the new school year, Carbon I.T have taken delivery of over 100 Apple iMacs for you to purchase online later this week. iMac Refurbishment Begins Our […]