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What is an All in One Refurbished PC?

You’ve come here looking for an All in One PC. However, do you really know what to expect or what one is? Well, it’s exactly what you might expect. It’s a personal computer (PC) that has everything in the 1 piece of equipment.

Traditionally a computer has 2 main big parts. Your screen and your tower/base. This meant desk manufacturers needed to create a space to fit all of your components. Leading to poor looking desks or a mess of cables everywhere. In the majority, this is now history with many computer manufacturers creating this All in One solution that meant the need for only 1 cable.

We all have Apple to thank for this. Although they are not the first company to produce them, they brought it to the masses. Their iMac range featured 1 power cable and a keyboard and mouse powered by Bluetooth. Add a wireless device and you have a computer that can function better than most with only 1 wire! All the tech is now packed inside of the monitor as technology continues to get smaller. You just need a desk now that can take just a monitor. They can look so much prettier and take up just the 1 plug socket.

Where Can You Buy an All in One PC?

Here at Carbon I.T we stock a massive range of computers. However, our range of Refurbished All in One PCs is unrivaled in the UK. With everything from windows operating systems to the fantastic Apple Imacs, there is a solution for you.

All of our PCs come refurbished to the highest standard available. You will also get a minimum of 6 months warranty with many items carrying a fantastic 12-month warranty. Buying a refurbished computer used to be scary, however, with a warranty like this, them days are over.