Carbon I.T – Refurbished Computer Specialists

Here at Carbon I.T we consider ourselves one of the best, refurbished computer suppliers in the UK. Operating from our Liverpool base, we refurbish 100’s of laptops & computers every single week. This means we know the inside of a computer better than most. Our refurbishment process has brought us to the fore front of the industry.

We have a unique stock of quality computer equipment at affordable prices. We offer a range of new & refurbished laptops, computers and apple goods to meet every budget!

Warranty with Everything

We’re so confident in our equipment that we offer a warranty to everything we sell. This lets you buy a new machine in confidence knowing that in the very unlikely event of it letting you down, we will repair or replace it.

For the length of warranty on each item, please see the description.

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Microsoft Approved Refurbisher

I’ve mentioned our refurbishment process is robust. We are confident in that. However, you don’t have to take my word for though. We are obviously going to tell you that Carbon I.T is great.

You may take the word of Microsoft though? We’ve been granted the title of Microsoft Approved Refurbisher. This means our process is so good that Microsoft would recommend us. Ensuring every computer you buy from us has been refurbished to standards Microsoft set out when making a computer like new.

We only sell computers, we don’t refurbish your computer and give it back to yourself. However, if you wish to recycle your computer and purchase a new one, then you can contact the Recycling arm to the business. We will be happy to discuss recycling your old computer.

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Trade Services

Are you an I.T manager, school or a computer buyer for your company? We may just have a deal for you.

We have some exclusive offers for trade. We can help kit your whole company out with computers that help reduce your carbon footprint while also saving your company money. If that doesn’t get you in your boss’s good books, I don’t know what will.

If you’re in this category, contact us and one of our team will discuss your needs and work out the best trade deal for you.

Core Business Selling Computers?

If your core business is selling computers. We have something very special for you. Periodically, we have job lots of items that we sell. This will range from 10 to 100s of computers in one single sale.

To join our trade wholesale site, you’ll need to be a registered business and able to prove this to us. You can apply for an account by visiting our trade page.